June 12, 2011


this is my department. the main is Engineering Consulting Centre --> Joining & Inspection Services Section --> NDT Laboratory. i do my intenship at NDT laboratory. NDT stand for Non - Destructive Testing. if u wanna know further about NDT, u're allow to google.

monday blues ! yeah. im really on it. what a heaven weekend ! but im not gonna say what a hell weekdays. monday is always blues until you come to friday. actually, i wanna vlog about my practical training, for my future reading. but yeah what the seth tan im quite lazy to write. oh ya, im following nora elena. that was influenced by my housemates.

sedang berlakon buat kerja


  1. seseungguhnya seth tan dah abesss..haha. btw,, kalo da wat vlog nanti,,jgn lupa share kt fb taw. fighting2! ;)

  2. haha. fighting2. err mcm x rajin la tapi kan :)

  3. kak tie, miera tudung baru ko tu ?
    jangok dio g praktikal.