June 12, 2011


what i can say. that was just like putting lime on a scar. what did u feel ? for sure u will feel nothing unless the wound still not recover. for this storyline condition, the wound had changed to scar already and can never be a wound.

scar. is it possible for scar to return wound ? i think it is impossible, but it will become possible if the wound not completely recover BUT u thought that was completely recover. in other words ; scar. externally, it looks scar. but we don't know.

for diabetic person, it is not much easy *i don't know medical term for that EASY term* for them to recover after wounding due to diabetic reasons. i have no intention to explain this if u wanna know just ask the good one, the medical doctor for brief explanation.

life. they say, life goes on. we can compare life with something in universe, for more understanding. i tot ? macam, hidup seperti roda, kadang-kadang di atas, kadang di bawah. that my words mean. so, i don't want myself to be like diabetic person. where the wound not easy to recover ; not easy to become completely a scar.

when it fully a scar. then, u can use MEDERMA. hahaha

notajari : kita rasa ia parut, tapi bila tekan sikit rasa sakit. its ok lambat sembuh lambat laun sembuh jugak, tapi jangan tambah bernanah-nanah pula. berat mata menengok berat lagi hati me@#$%^. haih whatsoever lah.

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